Absolut Gaskets specialise in the manufacture of industrial gaskets.  Our dynamic and energetic team has over 50 years combined experience in the gasket and sealing industry. 


We are one of the most technologically advanced gasket manufacturing company's in Southern Africa. We pride ourselves in being dynamic, efficient and innovative in our field of expertise, bringing to our customers a wealth of technical gasket and sealing knowledge and experience.


Strongly focused on providing you with a superior quality product, together with exceptional service standards. 



Absolut Gaskets Strengths:

Absolut has partnered with world brand leaders of gasket  materials
Automated CNC ATOM production equipment
In house CAD/CAM designs to meet clients gasket needs
Massive stock holdings of raw materials
In-house Quality Management System, based on ISO9001:2008
Suppliers of materials to other gasket companies in SA and SADC
Onsite and in house training available to customers
Surety of consistent supply 






Absolut Gaskets strives for:

Production innovation & continuous development

Cost reduction

Reduction in downtime

Process implementation

Customer & Supplier loyalty